Sunday, January 15, 2012

He knows what he wants... so deal

On POF, there is an option of going through pictures/profiles and saying if you want to meet a person or not... No messages, just a yes or no. This is a profile from one of thew people who want to meet me... Hard to believe he's single!
 About Me
Are you still waiting for it? You should probably stop, because it isn't happening.
 I don't smoke/drink/do drugs. I have no children. I am a nerd. I work 50+ hours a week. 
I have a car and my own place. I have 14 brothers and sisters; 11 of them are 
special needs / adopted.
 I'm not looking for a slut and/or one night stand. I'm not one of "those" guys. 
Message me if you feel like it.

Let's throw a little more in here ... My job is my life right now. I absolutely love it, 
so I'm not moving. 
My current project is to get a Citrix XenDesktop server running. Google it if you care.
 After that will hopefully be a VoIP solution.I prefer documentaries over most TV shows. 
The Universe (favourite), Planet Earth, Nat Geo,
 Known Universe and anything I can find that's entertaining on the History, Science or 
Discovery channels. It takes a lot to hold my interest.

First Date:
My choice.

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