Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adventures on Plenty of Fish

I'm 29, and the only single person I know*.  At this rate if I don't take control of my life, I am in a very real danger of dying alone amongst a menagerie of unicorn figurines, eating lean cuisines with my 15 cats, while wearing a "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" sweatshirt. As appealing as this might sound, it's not actually part of my bucket list.

Internet dating is getting a better rep now. It is almost becoming a legit type of thing. However, there are oodles of freaks out there. I know, I'm messaged by them. I joined about a month ago. And while there are decent people out there, the freaks make my laugh. Welcome to an examination, and actual messages and descriptions of those who have messaged me. Enjoy!

*My absolutely beautiful 25 year old single friend who is single by choice, certainly can't count.

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