Saturday, January 14, 2012

A couple, what?!

This almost made me spit out my coffee... 

Wondered if you would ever want to talk a fun and genuine couple that is looking for that goto friend to share nice parts of their life with. If you were just curious to hear us out we hope you might see that there would be something really positive to be able to enjoy most things in life you enjoy with someone you were comfortable with in a very new and different way. Just so you know the photo here is just there for our privacy, but if we found someone serious just to see and get to know us we would be happy to share photos to let them know we are very real and pretty much a nice clean cut couple with so much to offer. Hope to hear back but would understand if you may just have no interest to see. 

Swingers? Mormans? I guess I'll never know. Yikes! 

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